Stealing Kisses - A Short Romantic Comedy

“Stealing Kisses” is a 30-minute short romantic comedy shot in HDV using a Sony HDR-FX1 camera. It was created with a cast of 32 and a crew of ten using original music by Paul Silbergleit. This film was created under a SAG agreement and shot on location in Chicago. ‘Stealing Kisses’ was written, directed, and edited by Christopher LoDuca.

‘Stealing Kisses’ had it’s premiere on February 11, 2007. It was attended by about 60 people and a great time was had by all. Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served. The film was shown at 7:30pm followed by outtakes and a glimpse of the auditions. DVDs of the film were passed out to everybody in attendance.

‘Stealing Kisses’ appeared on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW-Channel 11, as part of their program, ‘Image Union,’ which features short films. It aired November 8th, 2007 at 10:30pm with subsequent repeat viewing. (a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures) had also requested that the video be posted on their website. There it was viewed by tens of thousands of users until the website changed it’s format and dropped all uploaded videos.


David has been living in his own little hell. Three weeks ago, he was supposed to be married to the love of his life. Just before the ceremonial kiss, she walked away and he was alone. As a result, David has shut himself up in his room. He has talked to no one. He hasn’t showered and has barely eaten. All the time, he is watching the video tape of his wedding, particularly the part where his bride-to-be doesn’t kiss him. He watches it over and over again. David’s friends don’t know how to help him, but they try. His roommate, Mark, finally decides to intervene and coerces him out of the apartment. David finds himself in the world as if for the first time. He walks aimlessly about until he spots a girl on the “El”. He looks at her and imagines she’s his fiancé. He imagines kissing her. And then, to his surprise, he realizes that he is, in fact, kissing a stranger. Somehow, in a non-creepy way, he continues to kiss women all over the city. Can he ever stop this strange obsession?


All music for the film was composed by jazz guitarist Paul Silbergleit.

Paul Silbergleit is a Milwaukee-based jazz guitarist and recording artist. Straight-ahead in style, he bears the influence of figures such as Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Pat Martino, and Kenny Burrell.

Paul has performed with Melvin Rhyne, Jon Faddis, Richie Cole, Brian Lynch, David Hazeltine, the New York Voices, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and Jack McDuff, among others. Both his critically acclaimed 1996 debut CD (Silberglicity) and his most recent release (My New Attitude) have made it onto the jazz charts.

In addition to his performance career, Paul is very active as a faculty member at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music as well as at Cardinal Stritch University (Milwaukee, WI). His teaching experience ranges from elementary to Elderhostel, including guitar lessons, ensemble coaching and jazz history and appreciation.

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